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When I was a young mother I encountered a situation with a pregnancy that changed my life completely.  I was having difficulty with my last pregnancy and finding an energy healer probably saved not only my unborn baby’'s life, but mine also.  


I knew immediately after that experience that someday I would be a practitioner myself.  That time came when my babies were all grown and I met a dear friend who recognized my unique abilities and who taught me to enhance and develop my natural intuition.  I have been doing Energy work for over 15 years now.  It has been a great experience for me and for my clients who trust in the work.


I may be an Energy Therapist, but I still go through the same pain and heart ache that we all do. But without the energy work that I am able to do, and without my Heavenly Father and angels looking out for me, I know that my life would be even more of a scrambled mess.

My Journey

Its an amazing tool that calms the storms of life.

Rhonda Hess

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