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My Lifesaver

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." That's what 2010 was for me. It held some of the highlights of my life and some of my darkest, most difficult hours. Along with me on the journey were four incredible women who saw me through it all. I'd like to publicly acknowledge and thank them here:


Rhonda Hess - Rhonda Hess is an energy intuitive whom I leaned on heavily in the month of December to come through a particularly tough challenge. Rhonda is better than any therapist. Her compassionate wisdom mixed with her ability to remove energy blocks literally saved me.

I was able to move past old false beliefs, life-long habit patterns, and stand with lion courage in the face of my greatest fears -- all with Rhonda's help. 

I highly -- highly -- recommend her services.


- Marnie L. Pehrson

Author of You're Here For A Reason

In a word Miraculous

I never would have believed it had someone told me how incredible energy work is. But Rhonda has worked miracles in my life and will continue to do so for my children and myself. She constantly amazes me at the insights and accuracy of what she shares. We have come to tears together (simultaneously) and I have felt wonderful positive emotions from the clutter that she has released from me. She is someone that is impossible not to Love.


- Brad Finkelstein


Hearing the Music

Rhonda is incredible!  She has such a strong Spirit and is so in tune.  I would like to share how my experience with Rhonda has been such a blessing in my life and has literally opened new doors for myself and others.


There was a Medicine man that became ill, they took him into the emergency room and the nurses where asking him what the problem was, he did not speak to any of them.  


Finally, when the Doctor walked in, he asked the Medicine man what the problem was, the Medicine Man did not reply.  The Dr. could tell that this Medicine man was highly respected by his tribe.  Again the Doctor spoke to him in a very respectful way, "if you do not tell me what is wrong I can not help you".   


The Medicine Man looked over at the Dr. and inquired, "can you dance?"  the Dr. replied, "no, I can not dance, but if you teach me, I can".  The Medicine Man then said, 


"I can teach you to dance... but the question is, 

"will you be able to hear the music?" 


  I am so grateful to Rhonda! She has taught me how to dance, but more importantly, she has taught me how to "listen" and hear the music. For this, I will be eternally grateful!


- Kendra Bodine

Clarity in the Family

Rhonda has eased my burden in such a healing way. Her energy work is sincere and flavored with so much kindness. She has helped me and my family bust out of our energetic and DNA time wrap.


Her energy work with me, my family, and my business has catapulted us into the next level of healing. The energy work on my family has resulted in better communication as the energetic garbage that was preventing us from being a unit has been cleared. 


My husband and I are on the same page. My son and I have more and more moments of clarity about our relationship without any guilt on his part.


I am thankful to Rhonda for all the blessings and the truth in this energy work."


- Arlynn Dwyer

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