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Generational Energy Paths / Ancestors

It is very possible to experience something that is infact not you at all! 









In our genetic material, we all inherited messages through DNA at conception. In fact, many researchers believe that most of our concepts or world-views are received from conception, gestation, birth and experiences. Science and nature have taught that energy is never lost, only changed in form. It is our belief that the wisdom gained during an entire lifetime is not lost, but passed on to future generations. Our DNA carries the imprinted experiences of our parents, our grandparents, and all of our ancestors in the cells of our bodies. This is cellular memory. 

A particular pattern will continue to run in a family until the pattern is broken or resolved. 


Unfinished business from an ancestor can affect our lives and actually show up in the DNA.


As we release unprocessed emotions, we not only heal our lives but also healing the pain of future generations as we pass the gift on to our descendants.







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